Asset template tags

Loading assets

Django Gears provides two template tags for use in templates: one for css and one for javascript.

The usage of these tags looks like:

{% load gears %}
{% css_asset_tag "css/style.css" %}
{% js_asset_tag "js/script.js" %}

This outputs script and link tags like the following:

<link rel="stylesheet" href="/<staticroot>/css/style.5d9fedbb2fdb499586390e3969277fe4208122b8.css">
<script src="/<staticroot>/js/script.2b4ef7ddce5b87d9b7fe6c7b5df40d32b923359f.js"></script>

Debug settings

If GEARS_DEBUG is true, the directives will not be processed into a single file. Instead, each asset will be processed and linked to individually.

For example, consider the directives:

 *= require jquery
 *= require underscore

The output when GEARS_DEBUG is true looks like:

<script src="/<staticroot>/jquery.js?body=1&v=1396028840.58"></script>
<script src="/<staticroot>/underscore.js?body=1&v=1396035841.85"></script>
<script src="/<staticroot>/script.js?body=1&v=1396035841.85"></script>

This behavior can also be triggered from within a template by adding a debug argument to the asset tags:

{% css_asset_tag "css/style.css" debug %}
{% js_asset_tag "js/script.js" debug %}